About Our Shoppe

So years ago, I made my dad a cake… the first cake I’ve ever made.. a big birthday so why not a special cake??!! A Golf Course, he’s a HUGE Golfer, oh he’ll LOVE IT!!… i admittedly never played on a golf course but ive seen one, drive by them all the time.. its green with some sand.. i could totally handle this! Albeit,  it wasnt all perfect, this vanilla sheet cake with strawberries and cream filling wasn’t too shabby.. and there it was. my 1st cake

The cake that started it all. After that cake came another and turned into another  which turned into passion and happiness and turned into my dream and is now my business.  My life goal quickly became making people “cake happy”.

There is no better feeling than to be part of someone’s special day. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or just a random Saturday. Whether in the course of your big day, anyone ever remembers what was served for dessert, what sticks with me is that moment when i deliver (or you pick up) your cake and we open that box. The smell of a fresh homemade cake and the smile that crosses my customers face… that is LOVE lol.

I have come a long way since the days of Dad’s golf cake. (check out my photo gallery!)It’s important for you to know that at this time, I am a custom bake shoppe without a storefront location. I long to have a storefront but in order to be successful, this is the path I’ve chosen. I do work in a commercial kitchen and sell my goods by custom order with an option to pick up or I can deliver. My lead times are good and my prices are reasonable. I thrive on word of mouth and always welcome you to like my social media pages and spread the word.  Its only with you that I can become successful.  One day, you WILL be able to walk into the Sugar Top Bake Shoppe and endulge in the love of bakery products!

**UPDATE – as of 10/19/2019, we opened our storefront doors at 408 Old Liverpool Road, Liverpool, NY 13088. We are loving this adventure and cant wait for you to come see us!

Thank you for being here and I hope to work with you soon!!

-Lisa & Larry LaPrease, Sugar Top Bake Shoppe, Owner/Operator.